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No-spread Big bags

Q-big bag is born to improve logistic problems duting transport and storgae of lightweight products or products with high fluidity.

The main feature is that, when completely filled, the big bag keeps its shape of parallelepiped, allowing to recover loading space (also 25%).

The almost absence of "belly", allows to produce bags with base (cm 105x105 - cm 110x110), higher than the one normally used for "traditional" and/or "circular" bags thus giving the bulking bags greater stability and therefore greater safety in storage and handling.


Q big bag is a bit like the keystone in the walls, because it acts as a pull between the walls of the big bag. These tie rods of Q big bags allow it to maintain its shape of parallelepiped, and consequently it is also possible to build Big Bag with wider and more voluminous base compared to Big bags with tubular construction or simple panels.

No-spread big bags have more stability, more security and they optimize the load volume in the phase of storage.