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Indicazione 5:1


You may find the the indication 5:1 on the label of big bags. This is the safety factor of SWL (Safety Working Load) of the big bag. Each Big Bag with indication 5:1 can bear 5 times the maximum weight required for your products. In other words, if you are stocking and handling a Big Bag 5:1 with a maximum capacity of 1000 kg of compound, the safety factor of that Big Bag will be 5000 Kg.

You have to take into account that the big bag can be filled as much as its SWL, beacuse the safety factor is used to ensure the tightness of the Big Bag during the stresses arising from the handling with forklifts.

Ensure that your big bag has the indication 5:1, for the security of the contained material and, above all, for the safety of people working with it.