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Saccheria F.lli Franceschetti S.p.A.

SINCE 1970

Since 1970, foundation year, Saccheria F.lli Franceschetti is one of the main producers of flexible packaging. It is specialised in the production of high-quality big bags (bulk bags) with 4 lifting points.

In order to satisfy the demand for cheap products, the Society seeks in foreign markets good products which are affordable at the same time. Due to this fact, Saccheri F.lli Franceschetti is also one of the main importers of big bags.

The selling activity, together with the production of its own products, makes Saccheria Franceschetti one of the most important Society which operates in flexible packaging sector.

This is demonstrated by the area on which the Company stands: 22,000 square meters of which 11,000 square meters are covered. Since 1995 the quality system of the company has been certified according to the international standard ISO 9001.


Saccheria Franceschetti provides big bags made of polypropylene, jute or non-woven fabric. Our big bags can be provided unprinted or printed in different colours. Saccheria would be pleasured to help customers to create and prepare the mold. The inks used for making the marks have no contraindications to use.

The specific features of our fabrics, make them suitable for different uses:
  • The small bags made of raphia can be filled with almost everything. They do not absorbe humidity and they are breathable. Manageables and light-weight, our small bags can also be supplied with UVS additives capable of making them resistant to the destructive action of ultraviolet rays.
  • Small bags made of jute are produced with natural fibres, so they are breathable and eco-friendly. Due to this, they are perfect for pack agricultural products.
  • Non-woven fabric big bags have a high draining power and they are weather-resistant. Due to this they are widely used in geotextile sector.
Big bags are available in different sizes and quantity.


In the last few years, Saccheria F.lli Franceschetti S.p.A. has worked to spread awareness among its customers for a safely and correct use of big bags. Saccheria has also collaborated with different organisations in order to translate into Italian the original English text of booklet No. 9 drawn up by the ICHCA Safety Commission, the international organisation established in 1952, which aims to increase the efficiency of cargo handling for all modes of transport, at all stages of the transport chain and all over the world.

Saccheria F.lli Franceschetti S.p.A. has cooperated with local health units in order to evaluate the risk related to the use of big bags, allowing the issuance of the documents produced. It has also developed other "didactic" documentation that can be used as a tool for information/training required in recent years by government regulations (D.LGS 81/08). This purpose can also be completed during visits to the Saccheria plant.

Saccheria has created for each product a safety data sheets according to current regulations. Packaging intended to come in contact with foodstuffs must be accompanied by a Declaration of Conformity.


Saccheria F.lli Franceschetti S.p.A. offers its own competence and the multi-annual professional of its technicians to analyze the desires of the customers. Collaboration between customer and companies is the best way to reach success and optimize the product, both from an economic and a technical point of view. This collaoration has lead to the creation of Q big bag (bulk bag formstable), in order to avoid logistical problems. This kind of big bag keeps its geometric shape and ensures stability. To ease the transport (by land or sea) of dangerous goods, Saccheria F.lli Franceschetti produces a wide range of big bags homologated according to ONU Regulations.

For products with very low smoothness (e.g. sludge) we have studied big bags with a full open top controlled remotely that also guarantee the safe management of the emptying.

For environments at risk of bursting, we produce antistatic bags (type B) and conductive (or electro-static) bags (type C), according to the Atex directive. They are made with systems and materials suitable to convey and control the electrostatic charges that can be produced during use.


The quality policy of Saccheria F.lli. Franceschetti says that our primary purpose is customer satisfaction. This aim is achieved through a constant research for products and technologies suitable to customer desires. Identify the needs of our customers, be aware of the problems, use up-to-date technologies, provide a precise and punctual service, our experience, our high-quality products and their compliance with the current legislation are fundamental issues that help us in reaching our purpose.

The Society aims to a constant improvement, and this require a special attention for:
  • Human resources develop in a motivated environement. The care and the attention for the formation processes, as well as information and participation are realized through specific reunions;
  • The workplace is periodically monitored to verify the maintenance of the standards, in compliance with the current legislation on community and employees health;
  • The worker safety is guaranteed by the strict observance of the laws in force; 
  • The end customer "put the client first", with a special attention to his needs and respecting contract terms;
  • Our company establishes long-lasting and stable relation with its suppliers, to make processes cheaper and reliable.


The organizational and production processes are controlled according to the requirements of the standards with which the Organization has certified itself. Raw materials are provided from suppliers certified or otherwise qualified by the Organization itself on the basis of strict parameters in compliance with the standard. High level of quality guaranteed.

The production chain is monitored during each passage by a qualified and motivated staff. The final checks, carried out by statistical methods, use installations for the performance of the fatigue break test, ideal for testing the breaking strength of the item and of the materials that composed it. Trial reports and quality tests are stored in the Quality Control department and are available to the customer for every need.

Every big bag contains labels or references to the production data, in this way traceability of materials is possible during each phase production chain and also during the finals controls.